Wraparound or BHRS services fall under the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare guidelines for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services. Wraparound Services are short-term and intended for children with severe emotional or behavioral problems who are at risk for removal from their homes or communities.

 The goal of Wraparound services is to stabilize the child and family and assist them in learning how to utilize the resources within their community to avoid problems in the future. Services are individualized to meet the unique needs of each child and family and build upon the strengths of the individual child to develop positive intervention strategies. Wraparound services can only be prescribed by a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist. VPS also offers psychological evaluations to determine the need for Wraparound services.

There are three components to Wraparound services, Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) Mobile Therapy (MT) and Behavioral Specialist Consultation (BSC).

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