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Behavioral Health TechniciaN (BHT)

BHT services are applicable for children/adolescents who have been diagnosed with serious social, behavioral and/or emotional issues that substantially interfere with functioning in the home, school or community.


BHT services are supportive, time-limited one on one planned behavioral health interventions directed by a detailed treatment plan. Services are designed to prevent the need for more restrictive service or to provide a time-limited transition as a child/adolescent returns from a more restrictive setting. Utilizing techniques such as behavior modification, role play, social rehearsal, etc., a BHT provides guidance and support for a child in recognizing the reasons they react and behave the way they do and provide positive strategies for changing their behaviors in positive ways. BHT staff receives direct supervision by either a BC or MT who is responsible for the treatment plan.

IBHS services are offered in Butler, Lawrence and Mercer counties.