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Tutoring for Adjudicated Youth (PASS PROGRAM)

The Program for Accelerated Scholastic Success (PASS program) provides academic tutoring for adjudicated youth who reside in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania and score within the moderate or high level of risk under the education/employment domain of the Youth Level of Service (YLS) assessment. The instruction is provided in a group or individually dependent on the needs of each individual. 



The following objectives are grounded in the established goals of the Juvenile Justice System in which a high level of importance is placed on protection of the community, accountability for offenses, and competency development. The proposed program is primarily focused on building competency recognizing that an increase in one’s academic performance correlates to lowered incidence of reoffending, increased sense of accountability to self and others, and improved regard for pro-social responsibility. Among the hierarchy of competency development, this program particularly focuses on the academic domain.  Eligibility for this program is determined via Juvenile Probation in Lawrence County.

Objective 1: To provide an environment that focuses on strengths and individually tailored interests to build intrinsic motivation for learning

Objective 2:  To adhere to the fidelity of Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) to achieve balanced and restorative justice through the Accelerated Learning approach

Objective 3:  To promote academic competency that generalizes to the school and community settings